Anyone who tries to feed you one of these overly optimistic lines clearly doesn’t know what you’re going through. Between trying to choosing your treatment plan, juggling schedules, and riding that proverbial emotional roller coaster, it’s okay if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Take control of the things you can in your life to help restore some balance. Use this planner to stay organized and keep your appointments, notes, thoughts, and feelings in one place.

“I had no idea how many appointments I’d have following my diagnosis. It was a full-time job. The hospital would print out my "itinerary" of upcoming appointments, which would be over two pages long. Worst. Vacation. Ever. Needless to say, I needed a planner.”
Ainslie P., diagnosed at 36

Size: 18cm x 13cm x 1.5cm
Material: Flexible Wraparound Paper Cover, Perfect-bound Spine, 100 Pages.