Head Scarf


If you’re feeling sore from a recent surgery, you might need to expand your personal space bubble for a bit. For now, let this soft scarf be your socially acceptable security blanket. This pop of colour will warm up your day (and the hospital waiting room). And if you’re heading out and looking for something to tie around your heador something to tie your outfit togetherthis scarf won’t make you sacrifice fashion for comfort.

“Having a scarf and dressing in layers is great for combatting the hot and cold flashes you can experience because of the menopausal symptoms. Pretty scarves can also add a bit of colour and sexiness to your appearance at what can be a low time.”
Beatrice A., diagnosed at 36


Made by Mirasol in Toronto, Ontario


Solid and pattern head wrap

Size: 18.5" x 70"
Material: 100% cotton. Machine wash cold, hang dry. Iron on low if necessary.