Depending on your treatment plan and how your body reacts, listing off your side effects may feel like the legal warnings in a pharmaceutical commercial. On a bad day your mantra might be, “Drugs not hugs.” And that’s okay. Use this pouch to stash your meds, lip balm, hand cream, headache balm, and anything else you need to get you through today and on to tomorrow.

“During chemo, I was running a small pharmacy out of my house. Someone told me, 'There's a drug for every side effect.' They must still be working on the hair loss one. The drugs really help to manage side effects, but you need a place to store them.”
Ainslie P., Toronto, diagnosed at 36

Size: 22.5cm x 14cm
Material: Body: 100% PVC. Lining: 100% Polyester. Interlining: PU Foam.