Water Bottle


No, they didn’t switch your medication with sand, but it can definitely feel that way. Dry mouth is a common side effect of treatment. Plus, if you’re feeling nauseous, you probably aren’t drinking enough water. We’re not going to harp on about “the importance of drinking eight cups a day,” but we will say it’s important to stay hydrated to keep your immune system working hard. And with this bottle’s handy carabiner clip, you can easily attach it to your tote bag so you won’t forget.

“You might experience side effects like dry mouth, hot flashes, diarrhea, fatigue, and headaches. Your best friend to help tackle these issues is some good ol' fashioned H20–especially on chemo days to help flush out all those chemicals. If water seems unappealing, try adding some fruit and drink up!” 
- Steph G., diagnosed at 28

Size: 600 mL
Stainless Steel and BPA-free Plastic.